Glossier + WM GOODS Want To Hang With You!

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Hey Friends!

Glossier—an NYC-based beauty company—is heading west and visiting our shop this Saturday, April 1st from 11 am to 4 pm. Stop by to try out Glossier products, hang out, and chat! 

Here are all the details:

WM GOODS + Glossier 

Saturday, April 1 

11a - 4p 


1136 SW Alder St. 

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SS17 Staff Picks

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It feels like spring took forever to come this year, and we couldn't be more excited that it's finally (almost?!) here! We're so excited for the possibility of sunshine that we tried on all the new spring styles in the shop.  Here are our favorite picks so far.

Shop our favorites collection here

Whitney Look 1: 
"I had to get a pair of these for myself when they came in. I love a non-clingy white jean and anything with a slightly frayed hem. It’s slightly harder for my body type to pull of a straight leg jean but I think these ones really work."

Calder Joni S/S Sweatshirt in Foundation 
"My lifestyle of laziness requires that I live in sweatshirts, so I love a spring upgrade to a short sleeve sweatshirt. Genius!" 
Look 2: 

"I love the slightly retro style of this dress and as many people know, I’m down for all things blue. This feels really perfect for a Sunday brunch if I did Sunday brunch and felt like putting in more effort than my usual sweatshirt and boyfriend jeans."

"I’ve been a fan of No.6 clogs for many moons and this grey suede color is no exception. They go perfectly with virtually every outfit."

Caroline Look 1:

 " A. I am really feeling the direction that Mara Hoffman is going in, and B. this dress is just so pretty. The shape is feminine and the colors have me wishing for warmer days.  It's great for events, but I like the idea of dressing it down with sneakers to juxtapose the prettiness."

Look 2:
Le Quartre Vingt Jumpsuit in Nature by Combine De Filles
"Truth time: I am intimidated by jumpsuits, so this to me out of my comfort zone, something that I always encourage others to do. The material is a dream and I felt... cool. I will definitely need to own this because that is what getting dressed is all about." 

Taylor Look 1:

Newman Dress in Total Eclipse by Ganni

"I'm obsessed with spring / summer dresses because I don't like the early morning struggle of putting an outfit together, and would rather quickly throw on a dress that I know I love and call it good. This dress feels so light on, and I'm loving the bell sleeve trend at the moment."

Look 2:

Passion Biker Jacket in Black by Ganni

"This jacket is literally everything to me. It's classic, and bad-ass. I love that you can pair a leather jacket with literally anything and it will always look good. I liked the idea of pairing this jacket with a dress for spring because it's still a little chilly here in Portland."

Kassia Tee Shirt Dress in Charcoal by Calder

"This dress is by far my favorite spring arrival, it's so comfortable and soft. I'm all for tee shirt dresses, and love that they can either be dressed up or down. I thought it paired perfectly with these spring clogs for a solid casual look."

Frida Clog in Blush by No. 6
"I'm a fan of anything blush (as we all are), and love the airy-ness of these clogs. For me, they're a perfect go to slip on all spring / summer, and pair great with anything because they're that good go-to neutral tone."


"I love this top because its playful and easy, but doesn't look like I got it in the juniors section. It has plants, little salamanders and catfish all over it, it's fun.  It reminds me of the nursery I grew up next to."
The Skinny in Olive by The Great

"These pants are so comfortable and cute, and they are also the pantone color of the year - greenery! Portland makes me wear too much black and blue, so I am always looking for ways to incorporate more color into my wardrobe, and these pants are great because they will carry over through the seasons and go with things I already have."  

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Parachute Home + Tea Bar Pop Up

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Please join us this Saturday & Sunday, 3/25 & 3/26 for a weekend of all things relaxation!

LA's Parachute Home creates beautiful & ethically produced, modern bed & bath essentials. We are excited to have them sharing their current line with a beautiful display in the shop. Come meet their team and hear more about their beautiful products.

Portland's own Tea Bar will be selling their newly launched line of handcrafted teas and will be providing free samples on Saturday, 3/25 while supplies last.

WM GOODS will be offering 20% off all bath & beauty products throughout the weekend, because... treat yourself!

Hope to see you there! 


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SS17 Lookbook

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As we continue to evolve our aesthetic and feel, we want to focus more & more on natural, easy looks that don't take an expert to figure out. Our SS17 lookbook is meant to serve as a reminder that fashion should be fun, clothes should be made your own, and there's no wrong way to wear something. We liked the idea that our model Natasha was spending a day solo & loving every minute of it. 

We paired dresses with pants, layered different textures, and played with feminine shapes. We're loving the idea of combining different pieces together to achieve strong transitional looks that work as the weather shits, and hope you enjoy these images shot by Nicholas Wilson and modeled by the beautiful Natasha Liegel.

Button Up Sheath Midi Dress in White Multi by Mara Hoffman // Daily Jeans in Off White by M.i.h. 

Dita Bag in Honey // Demi Macta Bag in Taupe // Brev Card Case in Taupe // all VereVerto

Lotus Dress in Pale Sky by Plante 

Ribbed Knit Top in Black by Achro // Sheath Mini Dress in Basketweave by Mara Hoffman

Wrap Top in White Linen by Miranda Bennett // Button Side Culottes in Apricot by Mara Hoffman 

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Super Sample Sale Alert! Saturday, March 18th

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Hey friends! We're super excited to announce that we'll be hosting a super sample sale with Le Souk Le Souk and Shop Boswell on Saturday, March 18th from 11am-4pm.

Be sure and drop by for sips & snacks, and up to 90% off your favorite designers. See you soon!

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WM Friends: VereVerto

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We discovered VereVerto at one of our favorite NYC tradeshows a few years back, and it has since become one of our favorite lines in the shop. LA-based partners Consuelo Chozas & Paige Smith, are talented, thoughtful, and so fun to chat with. We were thrilled when they agreed to spend some of their valuable time (in the midst of pre-market madness, no less) answering questions for us.

We love that the line is based on the mantra, “Good for the planet, good for you,”. By using only bi-product from the food industry, their vegetable dyed leather is natural and contains zero harsh chemicals. This process results in leather bags that evolve & add character over time, creating a story that is unique to the wearer. Be sure to shop our selection of VereVerto bags here.
+ What is the inspiration behind starting VereVerto, and what were your first few steps you took in opening your own business?

Paige: I had the initial idea behind the concept of the brand while living in San Francisco. I was biking and walking every day and couldn’t find the perfect bag to fit the lifestyle—something that would bridge the gap between luxury and functionality. After moving to Los Angeles, I met Consuelo a few months later and we instantly became friends. A few years later when I decided I wanted to move forward with my concept, I shared my idea with Consuelo. 

Consuelo: At the time I owned a retail store in Manhattan beach and we produced leather jackets of our own. Paige needed someone that was adept at finding materials and working with manufacturers, as well as someone that could run the business end of things. We bonded while discussing the project over some wine and decided we would be a great partnership. Our first steps after that were hours of conversations, brainstorming together, and talking with other women in our community to slowly form the brand.
+ What is something we may not know about your process?

Consuelo: VereVerto is a Latin phrase we created and every single bag is a Latin word. Each season, we comb through our special list of pre-selected Latin words to find the best one that feels right for our new bag. Everything means something—a little nod to the functionality, or the quick and light style, or large and bold shape. It’s like naming a baby!  
+ We’re completely obsessed with your new spring collection, and are especially dying over the Demi Macta Bag. Which piece(s) are you currently swooning over?

Paige: We really love both sizes of the Macta, the Demi Macta is so cute for every day. I’m especially in love with our new circle bag, the Miro. I cheated on all of my other bags for too many months with this new one. It’s a playful addition to the wardrobe!
+ We appreciate the classic, yet intentional design of your bags. Tell us a bit more about what inspires you?

Paige: I really love playing with the classics as a base and then twisting them into something modern and of course, functional. I’ve always had a very clean aesthetic in everything I do (and am maybe a little OCD). A lot of what I work on and admire has to do with perfect geometry and polyhedral shapes. I’m ever the graphic designer—organizing, drawing perfect lines, and finding composition. 
(Dita Bag in Honey)
+ Tell us about your studio space. What does a typical day at the office look like for you?

Consuelo: I usually start pretty early in the morning; our manufacturer is located in Spain and we are often communicating at this time. We usually get in around 9 and start with the strong cup of pour over coffee and some emails. We have a little cottage studio office we work from in ‪Echo Park, Los Angeles. It’s a little LA gem surrounded by fruit trees, grape vines, and passion fruit vines. Most days we are managing our site (business for me, design for Paige), planning our campaigns, and organizing shipments. Sometimes a walk for lunch or a post day happy hour drink nearby.
+ VereVerto bags are unique due to their handcrafted nature. It was inspiring to read that you partner with a family run business in the south of Spain. Can you tell us a bit more about this relationship?

Paige: We traveled to the south of Spain for the first time a couple years ago and had set up several meetings with factories there. Our current partner is someone we instantly had a great feeling and great exchange with. He understood our vision and seemed willing to work with us and help us grow. He knew we were small! We left a few samples to get made with them and when they were delivered to us in LA we were absolutely thrilled at the quality we received. We immediately started making new samples and designs together. 

Consuelo: Now we try and go to the factory in Spain once a year at least and we work hard with them but also really enjoy spending time with the factory owners outside the factory. We’ve learned a lot about their history as well as the town history while we are out for drinks and tapas at special locals-only spots for lunch. Its a relationship we are super grateful for and preserve with great care. 
+ We love the versatility of your convertible bags. Can you tell us about a time when they’ve come in handy for you?
Consuelo: This is definitely an every day occurrence for us! I walk to our office and love the handbag to backpack conversion. My Alo tote needs to carry a lot to and from the office and it’s always so heavy. I just switch it up and use it as a backpack and it’s so much better for the walk. Same goes for traveling through airports and the long distance from ticketing, to security, to the gate. I’ve got even weight on my shoulders and am much more quick and comfortable with my bag.

+ Life as business owners can be insanely busy. What do you do to unwind at the end of the day?

Consuelo: We are both really active people and need exercise to feel good. You can spot me in the yoga studio or either of us hiking in the East LA hills.
+ What does your perfect Sunday look like from start to finish? 

Consuelo: Well Sundays are for sleeping in and not setting an alarm. Paige and I both enjoy a good long brunch with friends. The kind where you ‪start at 11:30 and don’t ‪finish until 3 or ‪4pm. And then napping is usually necessary for Sundays, we are big on siestas. I’d close out my Sunday going out to the movies and a great night sleep.
Paige: I’m pretty much the same, but almost guaranteed to take a long walk. And I love to finish my night by the fire pit with some pals and a movie on the couch. 
+ What’s next for VereVerto? Where do you hope to see the business in 5 years?

Paige: We are currently in market for our new Autumn/Winter collection where we have a few new styles that are a slightly new direction for us. We are super excited about these—and our bright colors for winter! We’d love to keep honing our design, perfecting what we do, finding more beautiful leather, and adding more bags that are perfect for every woman. 

Consuelo: We’d love to see the business grow and cover more markets in the next five years. Mainly expanding in Europe and Asia. Hopefully we have a much larger studio hustling and bustling with Vere Verto employees and we keep providing a great product that we are proud of.
 (image via

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WM Monthly Roundup

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We’re constantly checking out blogs, magazines, Instagram, and more to help fuel our insatiable desire for inspiration. We find it helps light a fire under our own asses to do better, be more creative, and try new things. So in the spirit of the old preschool adage “sharing is caring,” here’s our list this month of the links that inspired us.
+ NYFW recently wrapped up and we were so over the moon for Mara Hoffman’s Fall 2017 looks. Not only was the collection gorgeous, but she brought elements to the table that were meaningful and inspiring. There was definitely a feminist lean, whether it was the strong choreography of the modern dancers or the beautiful introduction by the founders of the Women’s March movement. We can’t wait to get our hands on these insanely gorgeous trousers & jackets.
+ We’re excited to dig into Danielle LaPorte’s new book White Hot Truth. sat down with the author for their article, 5 Deep Truths About Self-Love For Skeptics, and dug into her refreshing take on how positivity and self-love can help you recognize your talents, substance, and your kind heart. A must-read for us all.
+ Portland is all about coffee, so it’s a little ironic that our new favorite is actually out of sunny Los Angeles. We started carrying Canyon Coffee in the shop a few months back and the reaction has been amazing! We can’t wait to get our hands on their latest blend, Tatama, which will launch in the shop soon (you can purchase their current blend here). We love Canyon’s founders (and real-life couple) Ally & Casey’s clean & natural aesthetic, as well as their focus on organic brews and fairly sourced coffee, making their Instagram feed one that you won’t want to miss!
+ We don’t know about you, but we feel like the Danish word hygge has been floating around a mile a minute. In our efforts to learn more (we were late to the party with the Kondo Method and don’t want to make the same mistake twice), we turned to to break down this cozy concept. Thank us later.

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