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Hi friends! We are now two months into this little thing called WM GOODS and I wanted to personally introduce myself to you. As a Portland native, it's insanely exciting for me to realize my dream of opening up a shop in the West End. Although I ventured off to NYC and LA for a few years, I have watched this neighborhood develop and change every time I've come back to visit. This area feels like home to me and I'm so over the moon to be a small part of it. 

I'm answering a few questions written up by the WM GOODS team so you know who I am. I work in the shop at least 5 days a week, so PLEASE come say hi and introduce yourself!

So much gratitude to you all for supporting the WM world.

x WG


How do you describe Portland style?

Portland style is unique, to say the least. I think it's constantly evolving but when I was growing up, it was definitely a hybrid of laid-back, hike-ready, North Face and hoodies. I love seeing people now that are a little more into their style and personal expression. It's a pretty hip city. 

What are some/one element of Portland style that translates into what you offer at WM GOODS?

Everything I buy for the shop has an element of ease to it. I don't like anything that you see on a hanger and say "what the hell is that and how do I wear it?" Clothes should make you feel good and comfortable, not like you're on display in some weird way. You should walk like yourself. We also have 100% natural skincare, lots of wood and handmade ceramic pieces, and things that just feel natural and relaxed, like Portland.

What is it you always find yourself discussing amongst  fellow shop owners and Portland small business owners?

I'm the newbie in the community so I'm just starting to get introduced into those conversations, but I find that we are all pretty open about seasonality and when things are going slower/picking up, what's been working well for us, and just generally trying to support each other. There's a super cool community of people here that I feel fortunate to be able to talk with.

How would you describe WM GOODS customer / community? What do you hope the community contributes  back?

So far the WM GOODS customer seems to be really curious. People ask us about where things come from, what's it made out of, if it's local, etc.. People also seem to be really down to connect and network, which I love. Some people think of 'networking' as a nasty term, but I'm all about it. Why would I not be interested in meeting creative, passionate people? I would love to have people continue to build a community around and in the shop, feel comfortable hanging out here, brainstorm projects and collaborations, and just talk.

What would you consider to be the ultimate WM GOODS style / outfit?

On a personal level, I'm all about jeans, a good tee, and sweater. If I had to describe my own style, I would say it's somewhere between a 12-year old boy and a girl just discovering that she can be feminine. I think the store does a good job of mixing tomboy and feminine elements. I don't know anyone who dresses categorically the same every day- sometimes I want to dress like a girl and sometimes I want to dress like I've been playing video games on my parent's couch for 6 hours... 

What is your fav Netflix show?

Recently at the suggestion of Kiley (stay tuned for her interview), I've gotten pretty obsessed with Chelsea Does. I've literally never liked Chelsea Handler before and was super hesitant to try it, but Chelsea is so open and honest (also, yes, funny) and tackles some really good subjects. Highly suggest it. Also, I could watch the BBC Earth shows (Life, Nature's Great Events, Planet Earth) for the rest of time. 

Favorite food?

My neighborhood has some killer food. I binge eat Petunia's (Salted Caramel Bars and Vegan Chili) and Kure (Vietnum bowl on the reg). Also a big fan of Bamboo Sushi and Grassa. Yeah, I love my neighborhood! Also, I have the most epic sweet tooth of all time (thanks Mom!) so I eat between 2 and 8 cookies/chocolates a day. Wish I was exaggerating...

That's it for now! If there's anything you want to know about me/the shop, leave a comment!

Photo by Nicholas Wilson for The Style Line  



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