WM Friends: Kelly OG of Elk Collective

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We wanted to introduce you to our friend Kelly because we literally couldn't have opened up WM GOODS without her. Kelly and her team at the Portland-based design firm ELK Collective have dreamt up beautiful interiors for bars, hotels, homes and more. After we compulsively sent inspiration pictures to not-so-subtly hint at our desired vibe for the space, the ELK team sent back a mood board that sealed the deal (see images below). They totally got it and translated dreams into reality. We are sharing Kelly's interior design tips, her favorite Portland spots, and details on the WM GOODS tables you all wanted to know about. Read on!

How would you describe your design style / aesthetic? 

I would say, Avant Garde. Our work is so often brand focused so we have to get into the headspace of the style that is best to tell our client's story. Of course we each have an aesthetic and bring to the table our sense of style, but in general we are of many styles.

How did ELK Collective come to be? How has the business evolved since you started?

I met Larissa and Erin in college. Larissa and I were Interiors majors while Erin studied Apparel Design. The three of us had always talked about working together on projects from a holistic perspective, allowing us to create the entire experience. This mindset lends itself well to the realm of hospitality design, which is what both Larissa and I each focused our careers in. Erin went down the road of retail, working for both Levi's and Adidas in Brand Marketing. Over 10 years our individual career pursuits introduced many collaborators between fine artists, makers, graphic artists, photographers, etc.  that all became a part of the puzzle. We officially founded ELK Collective in 2012, and have since had the opportunity to work seamlessly across Hospitality, Retail, Residential, and Corporate design. We evolve constantly- there always seems to be a new project type on the table, concept to interpret, or a new idea we want to pursue. 

What would your advice be for getting into the design business?

For newcomers out of school: take your time. Allow yourself to have different experiences, and spend some time at firms of various sizes and focuses. A broader perspective never hurts.

Describe the WM GOODS aesthetic from your point of view:

So Fresh and So Clean. ;) WM Goods has a Northwest modern aesthetic with a mid century perspective.

How do you continue to create, innovate, and grow your company? Where do you look to for inspiration?

Our work is mostly client driven, so we are constantly being thrown new challenges to overcome. Our growth is demand driven, we bulk up when the workload calls for it. We are starting to look at self propelled pursuits as a group, which is exciting. Inspiration is everywhere you look. I'm observing the details always.

If you could invest in one piece for your home, what would it be?  

I suppose top of my list at this second is this pair of deco leather club chairs I've been eyeing on First Dibs. I have no room for them, of course.

What’s your favorite Portland restaurant, coffee shop, and bar?

I love so many restaurants! Broder, Sweedeedee, Smallwares, Maurice, to name a few. For coffee, my tried and true choice is Barista, though a new comer I've been enjoying lately is Good Coffee on SE 12th. Tea Bar is also a new found favorite. For bars, I love Angel Face, and if I'm in down town it's The Green Room

What’s on your WM GOODS wish list? 

There was a red cashmere sweater for a while I had dreams about ;) I love the gold half moon earings by Jujumade, and the draped gold slide necklace. All of the Julia Paul Pottery is on my list too!

Tell us about the display tables you made for WM GOODS...

The tops are solid Juniper with a tapered and eased edge, and a satin top coat finish. The bases are your standard metal hairpin leg in a matte white powder coated finish. The style is typically associated with the mid century modern aesthetic.



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