Designer Self-Care Tips & Tricks

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This month at the shop we are making it a priority to kick off our new blank slate with self-care as a priority. We sat down with some of our talented designers and muses to get their top tricks and tips for prioritizing self-care this year. Read on to get your wellness-on!
How do you practice and prioritize self-care?

"Reclaiming sleep. It's so truly important, 8 or 9 hours is ideal. We stigmatize it and tell ourselves that it's cool to sleep less, work more, but there's a balance. Own it."
"Well, right now I'm struggling with perioral dermatitis so I have been changing my facial care every 15th day for a month since August. I have curly hair, and I have been using Moroccan Oil (the brand) and they are amazing! And I work out a lot, here in Mexico City I go to a program called SERSANA, it's like a boot camp for girls. I train every day for one hour, and on Thursday I take a private yoga class. I really try to eat healthy and organic food. I eat everything, the only things I cut out are dairy, carbs, and sugar, especially because of my dermatitis." 
Michell Galindo, Gala is Love 

"Make time for yourself every day, whether it be 5 minutes or a nice hour-long workout. No matter how busy you can get traveling non-stop or working long work days, it is important to take time to do something that makes you think positively about yourself. This can be as little as a quick meditation when you wake up, a nightly face routine, or squeezing in a workout even when work is piling up. Small actions such as these can make a big difference over time."
Fiona Morrison, Wolf Circus 

"My self-care tip is having a furry friend(s) - getting my dog William taught me more about being present and the basics of unconditional love and loyalty than any other rituals combined. He is a constant source of calm, care and reassurance. I'd also love to give my resounding endorsement to adopting a senior dog, William is an oldie but a goodie and a lot of his calm and soulfulness is definitely a product of his advanced age."
Miranda Bennett 
"January is always a busy time and starting the year off on a healthy note always helps us stay focused and feel good. I like to take a break from that evening glass of wine and have a cup of tea instead. It’s soothing, warm and just as satisfying. Another way I stay organized in the new year is de-cluttering my closet. I like to re-evaluate items and put a big bag of unwanted clothes together to donate. (It also makes room for a few new items to splurge on."
Sophie Monet 

"Lately I've been taking morning walks right after I make my coffee. Sometimes it's hard to find the motivation to take that first step out the door, but I never regret it afterwards. The mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of taking time to breathe and be at peace in the crisp morning air make it so worth it."
Monica Watson, Berlin Skin

"I always feel more healthy and alive when I take time to be outside and exercise. In the snow or in the rain, it doesn't matter!"
Sarah Wolf, Wolf Ceramics

"Living on the East Coast, my self-care approach changes drastically with the seasons... During the fall and winter, I'm a bit of a hibernator. I try and focus on slowing down with hobbies. I make small commitments, meaning dedicating 10 minutes a day to either reading, water coloring, or playing guitar. Sometimes I end up reading, painting, or playing for longer... this practice breaks me out of the cold, grey, shorter days.
During the spring and summer, I'm the opposite. I thrive off of daylight and try to find ways to spend more time outside. I run a sprint triathlon every summer, so I make a point to swim, run, or bike every day. Sometimes it becomes my mode of transportation which makes it less about "exercising" - I'll run to dinner with a friend - it's insanely refreshing."
Mary MacGill

"One of my favorite self care tips is yoga. I've been practicing for
over 15 years, and I find it so helpful to relax, gain focus, and
open my mind up to the creative process. These days my week is
always jam packed with designing, team meetings, and spending time
with my kids, so to make sure that I take time each week, I have
one of my favorite instructors come to my house. That way I always
fit it in. Sticking with the routine each week has been great, and
encourages me to stay active."
Amy Voloshin

"I do not look at my phone after 9 pm on weeknights.  That means no texts, emails, Instagram, etc. It does wonders for my nerves and I am always asleep by 10:30!"



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