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Monthly Roundup // March

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+ It’s no secret that we are obsessed with Moon Juice’s Beauty Dust. We’ve been adding it to our coffee in the morning, and recently started blending it into our favorite smoothies. We came across this new green smoothie bowl recipe that claims to be the secret to stunning skin, and can’t wait to try it out along with some beauty dust added in for an extra beauty boost. P.S. Shop Moon Juice in the shop here!

+ To say we’re in love with Mara Hoffman would be a huge understatement. We first fell in love with her graphic and vibrant prints, and her latest Resort ’17 collection has us feeling refreshed and in awe. This article is an informative and inspiring read on how she is shifting to a sustainable model, and changing to a new aesthetic that better represents her own tastes. Shop Mara Hoffman here on our site.

+ It’s spring, and we are definitely in need of a damn break, especially because the weather here in Portland couldn’t be any drearier. Here are 10 Airbnb rentals with the most astonishing views that we can’t stop thinking about. (Low key can’t get over that view of Lake Como.)

+ Glossier is one of our all time favorite brands, and we’ve loved watching boss babe and CEO Emily Weiss seriously change the beauty game. We were super excited to read they are working on new product, and already can’t wait to get our hands on it. We had the privilege of having Glossier with us in the shop this past weekend, and had such a blast!

+This article on Millennial Pink is a must read. We’ve seen this trendy color everywhere the past year or so, and can’t help but think it’s refusing to go away. Not only is the color *~ aesthetically pleasing ~*, but it also speaks to a revolution in the fashion industry where trans models are walking runways, and gender neutral clothing lines are the thing. The color is cheeky, sincere, and nostalgic, all of which compliment our millennial hearts perfectly.