Staff Valentine's Day Dates

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we’re looking forward to spending some quality time with our loves. We thought it would be fun to round up our ideal date ideas here in Portland, and share them with you in case you need a little inspiration yourself. FYI, for all you single ladies, all of these totally work for Galentine’s Day if you’re not the V-DAY type.
Clyde Commons Portland

I think my ideal Valentine's Day would include one of two things. One would be a weekend at the beach. My husband Jacob and I would go on a hike, take naps, make seafood pasta and veg in front of a fire with some wine. It's one of our favorite places to go and relax.
If we couldn't get to the beach, I would say happy hour at Clyde Common, followed by a movie at Living Room Theater. We like to keep it simple when it comes to this kind of stuff, but also appreciate any time that we get to spend together.
Luc Lac Portland

You want this boring old gal's date secrets? Really?
My fiancé Nate and I have regular soup dates like old people, duh. We go eat Pho or Ramen (my favorites are Luc Lac, Pho Oregon, or Boxer Ramen), and if it were a special date, I'd want to see a movie after. There are so many good ones out right now since the Academy Awards are coming up. I'd see Moonlight, Hidden Figures, or Lion, and then maybe after go to 180 Churros on Broadway on the way home for fresh churros with marshmallow dipping sauce!
Another one of my favorite dates would be drinks at Hale Pele Tiki Bar and a Blazer game! They light their drinks on fire and transport you to another climate. We would then go cheer on the eternal underdogs while they played Oakland or Cleveland because they always play their best against Steph Curry and LeBron. ;)
Maurice Restaurant Portland 

My ideal Valentine’s Day would be a two-parter. To start, my fiancé Tommy and I would go for a long, leisurely lunch at Maurice and order virtually everything on the menu. 2 hours minimum.
That evening I would love to fulfill my every-night-dream-night. I would put on my comfiest sweatpants, get Sizzle Pie delivered (large cheese pizza with mushrooms, peppers, artichokes, and tomatoes, with a Rabbits Salad on the side) and binge watching The People vs. OJ with Tommy and our dog, Nuggy, by the fire. I wouldn’t mind a nice slice of cake from Petunia’s for dessert as well.
Clark Lewis Portland

Last year on Valentine’s Day my husband, Keaten, was out of town on business, and since we’re both not the biggest Valentine’s Day fans we both forgot it was Valentine’s Day until later in the evening and exchanged lame little, “… Happy V-Day babe love you,” texts. We both laughed about it but promised to have a great one the following year.
So this year, my ideal date would be to get dressed all nice to go out for a nice, long dinner with Keaten, preferably at Clarklewis where I would order their fresh fish of the day and a nice glass of wine. Later we would indulge in chocolates and a cuddle fest at home with our puppy & cat, who generally hate each other’s guts but this is supposed to be my ideal date, right?



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