Packing List: Summer Getaway

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Although we love our hometown in the summer, it's a wonderful time to travel and explore new places.  Whether you're headed to LA or Thailand, the key to a concise and functional packing is planning - a color palette doesn't hurt either - start a packing list a few weeks before your scheduled trip, and add or edit as needed.
Writing out a packing list allows us to plan ahead and keep our vacation wardrobe concise.

Choose pieces that serve more than one purpose; a dress that functions as a swimsuit cover up but can also be worn to dinner with earrings and a bold lip, a swimsuit that you can also wear as a body suit or a jacket that can also be a shirt.  Most importantly practice self control! Nothing worse than taking up precious space in your suitcase with things you'll never get the chance to wear.

One scarf, 2 tanks, 2 t-shirts, one shirt jacket, one pair of pants, one pair of jeans.
We've put together a capsule that will easily fit in your carry on bag.  This wardrobe could take you nearly anywhere, but we've got Tuscany, or maybe Mexico City, on the brain.  It breaks down to 2 tanks, 2 t-shirts, one shirt jacket, one pant, one jean, 3 dresses, one swimsuit, one scarf, 2 bags (one clutch, one cross-body), 3 pairs of shoes (flat sandal, heeled sandal, sneaker), 2 earrings, one necklace, 2 rings.
Minimal Ring earrings and Pearl Figure necklace by Sophie Monet, Tahitian silver pearl ring and stone ring by Mary MacGill, Staff earrings by Laura Lombardi.

Buffy tank by Priory, Silvery Crepe Ruffle top by Ganni, Harway t-shirt by Ganni, Crop Jaq tee by Calder Blake, The Swingy jacket by The Great.  

3 dresses may seem excessive, but you'll notice that each dress can be worn multiple ways, layered over t-shirts with sneakers (the Ganni wrap dress), thrown over a swimsuit (the maxi from The Great) and paired with jeans (we're looking at you Miranda Bennett Everyday Dress).  

Before packing up your suitcase, take a look at the group of items together, and you should get visual confirmation of your careful planning that each item will be multipurpose and worth the suitcase space.  This capsule packing list also allows space for your other essentials as well as room to spare. 

Ostra bag by Lotfi, Kia one piece swimsuit by Mara Hoffman, Mini Tris by VeroVerto

Happy travels!



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