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We have been inspired (and borderline obsessed) by Karen Mordechai's Sunday Suppers for years, so we were beyond thrilled to start carrying her beautiful line of artisanal kitchen staples in the shop. Not only is everything in the ILA collection delicious, but the packaging is so beautiful you'll want it on your kitchen counter even if you're not an expert chef. Karen was kind enough to answer a few questions for us on how she does Thanksgiving. Read on...
What is one of your personal + cherished Thanksgiving traditions?

Cooking with my daughter Sophia.

You inspire others to gather, cook, and celebrate a good meal, what does a day of Thanksgiving cooking and celebrating look like for you?

One thing we like to do is to embrace cooking with our family and loved ones, and including guests in the cooking process can often add a more relaxed and jovial air to what can sometimes be a stressful holiday. We like to prepare our meals in tune with the seasons so we’ll build our meal inspired by what we found at the market that week.We keep it simple to remember what the day is really about - bringing people together around a table to give thanks for one another.

What are you personally most thankful for this year?

We have recently relocated to California, and so there have been many changes in our lives. This year I am thankful for change and the possibilities ahead.

Any Thanksgiving recipe you recommend?

It’s all about the sides for us at Thanksgiving - we like to offset some of the richer dishes in the meal with something bright and acidic, like charred market greens such as radicchio or treviso. (We also love a twist on a classic, like mashed potatoes with gruyere).

What do you personally do to prep for the holiday season?

When hosting during the holidays, it’s best to give yourself ample time to get everything ready. One thing we’ve learned at Sunday Suppers is the benefit of having a prep day. Mise-ing out and preparing components of each dish in advance that one can put away, such as cutting the bread and shredding the cheese for the stuffing, is more important than actually cooking any of the dishes. You want everything to be as fresh as possible so we cook all the final dishes on the day, for better or worse.

What does ILA do as a business to prep for the busy holiday season?

That’s a great question as this season has been our busiest by far! We’ve been fortunate enough to have forged wonderful partnerships with boutique stores around the world, so we like to check in with each to see if they have what they need for their Holiday Season. We also check in on our best selling products to see what we need to produce more of in advance. We’re still a small business, but so thrilled to be growing so quickly!

What is one product of yours you couldn’t live / cook without?

That’s such a tough question there are so many, I use all the items in the collection! If I had to choose my daily staples though, they would probably be our cyprus flake salt and our extra virgin olive oil. I could use them in every dish, savory or sweet.

Extravagant celebration, or small & simple gathering?

Small & simple, always.

Which product would you recommend I give as a hostess gift?

It depends on who is receiving the gift, of course, but I would say our Sonoma Sea Salt paired with our Olive oil from the white collection makes a beautiful gift for any hostess - it is so striking on a kitchen countertop. The black Lava salt is a great gift at a reasonable price point and for the more experienced cook, the spice collection is also a wonderful gift.

What have you learned this past year, which you are thankful for today?

I’ve learned so much in this year about fortitude and change. About how difficult and exciting transitions can be - and how important home and a sense of rooting yourself can be. This is the year for all those things for us and I am very excited and thankful for the journey we are on.

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