Weekend Wedding Warriors

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Wedding Season Gifting 101
Often enough we find that time can escape us, especially during wedding season. Avoid a panic purchase and checkout our WM Goods Gift Guide for all of your last minute wedding needs.

The Bachelorette Gifts
A Bachelorette party is not just a celebration for your last single days, but also a celebration of sisterhood and friendship. Cement your bond with this beautiful aquamarine cuff from Mary MacGill, the little something blue she needs. A  perfect way to say sisters before misters.

What’s nice without a little naughty? Give the Bride-to-Be a jar of Moon Juice’s Sex Dust to shake off post-wedding anxiety and ignite what will sure to be a fiery honeymoon.

Wedding Gifts
As everyone knows the kitchen is the heart of the home - it’s a place to share stories, entertain guests and make lasting memories. The brand ILA has taken cornerstone ingredients such as Olive Oil, Maple Syrup, Cyprus Flake Salt, and Honey, and given them new meaning. The lucky couple will certainly enjoy these simple ingredients that deliver complex flavors.

I’m going to go ahead and argue that one of the best rituals in life is sharing good conversation with the one you love over a cup of fresh brewed coffee. Waking up to the smell of Canyon Coffee’s rich chocolate and toasted almond Chochajua Roast will help start off any day right. Brew in Wolf Ceramics’ Pour Over and Carafe will not only make mornings a bit warmer, but the countertop too.

One of the first hurdles newly married couple encounters is the blending of one’s home. He loves his floating concrete coffee table, but it doesn’t exactly pair well with your Danish emerald sofa. Avoid a dispute and flip through the pages of Kinfolk Home. Keep your Poketo sticky notes on hand because these stunning, curated homes will be sure to inspire.




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