Why WM GOODS Is Here

Posted on October 26, 2017 by Whitney Goodman | 1 comment

Hi Friends,

As I hope you now know, my personal goal in having the store is to create a warm & relaxed space that invites honest & real human connection and interaction. Yes, we love having pretty things that you might want to bring into your closet or home, and that is so special, but beyond that, it's about the people. At the risk of getting political, the world is a little batty right now and I think we are all craving genuine connections that make us feel like we've found 'our people' (no? just me?).

That's why I talk to you as a human rather than a business on social media, why WM hosts talks like Create+Connect, fundraisers and random nights full of wine and insanely delicious Trader Joe's cookies (trust me. woah.). It's why I love when someone reaches out on Instagram and asks if I'll grab a coffee (the answer is always yes). It's why I encourage my employees to have outside lives and interests that expand their circle of connections. It's why, as a business we trudge along through tough winters, protests and political uncertainty. It's why I love having this shop, for better or for worse. 

The last few months at WM GOODS have had some ups and downs. A few months back, an unwell man walked by our store and kicked in one of our massive windows (downside to having a ton of light pouring in) in the middle of the day. Yesterday morning someone broke into our shop, banged up our front door and stole our cash register. There's also the day to day issues of figuring out respectful distribution in a small city with lots of wonderful boutiques, crossed-wires due to wonky communication, the list goes on... It's hard not to feel worn down and low when things like this keep happening (come on karma, did I do something wrong?!). I don't think I'm alone in this feeling.

It's in both the hard moments and the beautiful moments that I see the big picture of why. We are coming up on 2 years of being open in Portland and I feel #blessed to have made genuine connections with some of the most talented, interesting, business savvy, kind, and inspiring people I've ever known and likely never would've known without the store. I am a natural introvert, but hosting little meet-ups or just chatting with someone who pops into the shop has been so expanding for me. My life is enriched by knowing you all and I truly mean that. This isn't some sort of marketing ploy or weird attempt to humanize a business. This is the gosh-dang truth of why I do what I do.

The moral of the story is that I want to thank you for the love and support you've shown to me and my team. I also want to invite you to join us in honesty, laughter, friendship, and community. Come by and hang out, sign up for an event, or reach out digitally. You might just meet some cool people that become your circle.




(photo by Mikola Accuardi)



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October 26, 2017

Nice post, Whit. Love hearing business owners open up with the highs AND lows. And just simple/real personal stories. Thanks and cya soon.

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