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If you're not already following Alison Wu's Instagram and insanely beautiful blog, WuHaus, you are doing yourself a disservice. Her culinary concoctions are arguably some of the most drool-worthy we've seen, and as an added bonus, she's a super clean eater that focuses on health & wellness. We are beyond thrilled to have her hosting our Summer Cocktail Party to benefit Ronald McDonald House on Thursday, 6/29 from 6-9pm (tickets available HERE) and can't wait to see what incredible spread she comes up with!

What better time to ask her some of the questions we've had on our mind!


What initially got you interested in cooking and utilizing food for health? 

I decided to stop eating meat when I was 15. This definitely shaped my wellness journey from a young age. I became very interested in health and reading about diet & nutrition. This lead to experimenting in the kitchen and ultimately my love for cooking. Over the next 13 years that I was a vegetarian, I began to discover the way certain foods, like gluten and dairy, affected my digestions and overall health.

After a while, I started to realize that I'd grown scared or disgusted by meat, but only because my mind was telling me this story over and over again. I decided that I wanted to start incorporating meat back into my diet. I didn't want to close myself off from a food unless it made me feel bad. Once I started eating meat again, I instantly felt better. I had more energy, I wasn't cold all the time; just an overall feeling of balance in my systems. I don't eat meat everyday, but I do eat it 3-4 times a week. The journey to find optimal health through what we eat is a long and sometimes tiresome one, but if you put in the work and do the research, it does pay off.

Where did the idea for your famous ombré smoothies come from? 

Honestly, it just came to me one day. Color and aesthetics are the motivating factor behind much of my work.

What's your current favorite smoothie flavor combo?

Coconut-cauli-cashew with cardamom, vanilla bean, and ginger.

What's your go-to recipe for a casual night in?

Roasted chicken and veggies with a green herb salad.

What are your tips and tricks for staying sane with all of the craziness going on not only in your life as a busy entrepreneur but also with everything going on in the world?

Lots of yoga, meditation, and self-care practices. Taking time to recharge and replenish with a bath, a quiet evening reading, 30-minutes of pranayama, a face mask, or whatever my body, mind, and spirit are asking for.

Where would you like to see yourself in five years, both professionally and personally?

I'll hopefully be a mama at that point, which makes me SO excited. Professionally, I'd like to still be working creatively for myself. I'd love to have a book and potentially a restaurant project in the works.

Eating clean can be a tough thing to strike a healthy balance with- how did you figure out what was right for you?

Our bodies are constantly sending us messages, telling us what they want. We just need to learn how to really LISTEN. Slow down. Be compassionate and patient with yourself. And learn to understand your body's cues.

If you were speaking with someone that wanted to take on a healthier lifestyle, what would you suggest as a kick-off point?

Start a food journal to track what you are eating everyday. Use this as a way to get more in touch with your body, to see what foods are making you feel good and which ones might not be making you feel good.

Walk us through a day in your weekday.

It really changes from day-to-day, but I usually wake up at 6am, drink a matcha potion, then head yoga or Barre3 around 7:30am, followed by a smoothie, emails, shooting photos or working on any other hands-on creative project that's going on, break for lunch, work some more (edit photos, more emails, errands, planning), break to make dinner, eat dinner with my husband, walk my dog, work a little more, wind down with a bath or some sort of body pampering, read for 30 minutes, go to bed by 11pm.

Do you like to listen to music while you work? If so, what's your current playlist?

Mostly Drake ha! No, but really, I love rap music.

What does your perfect Portland Summer Sunday look like?

Yoga or Barre3 in the early morning. Brunch at home with my husband. Bike ride to Overlook Park. Lots of snuggles with my dog and cat. Backyard BBQ dinner under the stars.

What's next on your list of dream destinations?

Oaxaca, Mexico.


Thanks, Alison!




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