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Many refer to Austin as the "Portland of Texas" so it's only natural that one of our favorite new brands we carry is esby. We are majorly inspired by founder Stephanie Beard and the line's take on meticulously designed quality clothing with a menswear mentality. Every piece is super flattering and crazy comfortable. We had the opportunity to get to know Stephanie a bit more, and are excited to share this spotlight with you.
How did you create the concept for your brand?
I was a menswear designer living in NYC, and although I preferred the timelessness and simplicity of menswear I couldn’t fit into men’s clothes. Thus, esby came to fruition after i quit my job and moved to Austin, TX.
We are currently obsessed with keeping a “menswear mentality.” Tell us a bit more about how it inspires your line:
We make sure that each piece can fit into a past, present, and future collection. To us, this is menswear mentality. Those lucky guys can wear anything with everything.
What is the best part about living in Austin?
Tacos! For breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And the vibe is so great. Everyone is very friendly, creative, and supportive.
Do you have a favorite piece from your current collection?
This changes from week to week but I tend to keep everything in heavy rotation. But right now I can’t get enough of the ali rib turtles. They pair great with our ava cropped pant from spring’16, but also look great with a vintage jean and our new alex pant.
What's your go to film for a night in?
Ooooh, good question. Pretty much any fashion documentary on Netflix I can watch over and over. Advanced Style is definitely a favorite.

What is something about your brand that we may not know?
esby is actually my initials turned into a word: s.b. 

Where were you 5 years ago? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
5 years ago today (oct 18) I was single ready to mingle - and 3 days away from the beginning of a relationship with my now husband, Nick. I was still in NYC and still designing menswear. In 5 years, I will have just turned 40 and see myself traveling often with Nick, updating our condo, and continuing to grow esby as a lifestyle brand. Maybe esby kidswear? esby home?
Life of a business owner can be crazy busy, what do you do to unwind?
I would have never thought of myself as an introvert until after starting this business. With work I get to meet and talk to so many interesting people so once I’m off i need to go home to relax and recharge. This sometimes means a run around the boardwalk and often means a glass or two of wine. Or I cozy up to the bar with a gimlet where my husband works because it’s not often we have quality time off together.
An average day in the life of Stephanie Beard:
I start with a big glass of water, quick shower, and then make a breakfast of eggs, spinach, and shredded potatoes with fresh rosemary and a large black coffee. I’m not great about eating lunch so I make sure i have tons of energy from a big breakfast. If I’m in the shop for the day I’m usually in back-to-back meetings with my small staff. Lauren and I will go over where we are with production of the current season and the design and sampling process of our future collection. About once a week, Lauren and I head to our sample house for a quick fitting or problem solving session. My meetings with Andrea keep me caught up on everything in our wholesale world or what we need to re-stock for our own shop. We also love to get on the sales floor to help customers or give the shop a quick makeover. During my meetings with Erin, we figure out what we want styles and muses to highlight on our social media for the week, plan upcoming events, conduct photoshoots of product for the web, and touch base with our PR team. Days in the office fly by, so afterwards I unwind with my dogs at home or meet nick out for dinner and drinks. We like to try either a new bar or restaurant each time in the ever growing Austin scene.
What is the absolute best part of your job?
Getting feedback from our customers that our clothing has become a part of their daily wardrobe feels awesome. And working with smart and talented women who have become some of my best friends is also pretty incredible.
What’s next for Esby?
Sooner or later - menswear!

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