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We've met some seriously talented and creative people since we opened up shop. One of our favorite collaborators is blogger, stylist & photographer Maddie Greer, of the beautiful Berouged (if you don't already follow her Instagram, be sure to check it out!). Maddie always styles pieces in our shop in unique and adorable ways. We chatted with her about how she got her start as a blogger, what it's like to work with her husband (he shoots her photos!) and more. Read on!...

We're such big fans of your beautiful blog, Berouged! How did you get your start in the blogging world?

I've always loved everything about fashion and blogging; When I four years old andI asked my mom to go shopping instead of going to Chuck E. Cheese! I was so nervous to jump into the blogging world because it's such a saturated market. I spent my days looking through other blogs, Instagram accounts, and Pinterest pages, wishing I could be doing what these girls were doing. It wasn't until my husband pushed me to jump outside of my comfort zone that I decided to launch Berouged in July 2016. 

At what point did you realize that you could turn your blog into a full-time job?

When I first started my blog I was still doing photography on the side to be able to make money. But I started to get noticed and companies started to reach out to me not for photography, but for my blog! And I think that was one of the most exciting days for me, because I realized that as long as I work hard on this thing that I love, I can make it my full-time job. 

What's the best part about working for yourself? What's the toughest challenge or something you wish you would've known when you started?

I've never been a 9-5 kind of girl. It was always so hard for me to work on someone else's schedule. My mom has run her own business since I was born and it's always been so inspiring. I knew that I wanted to do that as well. The best part is being able to travel when I want to. But the hardest part is you're never really off of work. If you want to work for yourself, be ready to fully commit to it. Be ready to work weekends when everyone else is off. You're going to be working past five and earlier than nine. But when you really love what you do, it doesn't feel like you're working.

Your husband photographs you frequently for your blog. What's it like working together?

I always say that we are the dream team. He knows exactly what kind of photos I want and I'm so comfortable in front of the camera when he's shooting. Because he is my photographer, we get to travel together frequently, which was always a dream for us.

What is the process like for developing your shoot concepts? Do you start with a specific outfit, destination, etc.?

I'm not a big planner, which is something I definitely need to work on! Sometimes we'll think of a location the day before we shoot and I'll go get clothes that I think will look good in that location. But most of the time it starts with the clothes and we scout for locations. It's always fun for me to explore the city I live in and find spots that I never knew were there. I think being a photographer first really helped me have an eye for what looks good in a photo.

We hear you're about to relocate to New York City- congrats! What spurred the move? What will you miss most about Portland?

Ah, thank you! We are so excited. Portland has been incredible and it was definitely the right city for Joe and I after we got married. But now that we are growing our businesses, we need to be in a city that helps us thrive, and that's NYC. My agency's headquarters are located there, Joe's street photography will thrive, all of our family is on the east coast, and New York is our favorite city in the world. So many good reasons for this move. We will definitely miss the community we've built here. I think I'm really going to miss the fact that everything is so close. I can drive an hour and be at Mt. Hood. I can drive two hours and be at the coast. I know we will be back to visit!

Walk us through a typical weekday in your life.

Coffee first...always! But honestly, my normal weekday involves a lot of emails, pulling clothes, taking photos and then repeat. A lot of people have this glamorous life on social media, but there's a lot that goes into that.

What does your perfect Summer Sunday look like?

Sleep in, make coffee, brunch, go antique shopping, and end the day with Late Shake on Division.

Tell us something about you that would surprise us.

My first dream was pursuing music. I grew up in Nashville, where I was a singer/songwriter (because who isn't!). I would sing backup vocals on albums, have writing sessions, and sing the national anthem at games. I still love singing, but at this point I don't think I would ever pursue it as a career. I love what I'm doing now.

What's your song of the summer?

Come Close by Ry-Lo


Thanks Maddie! 


(all photos by Kiara Rose)



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