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Gifting can be one of the most stressful things about the holiday season, so we're here to help you out and remind you that showering the people you love with pretty things can be a blast! With all of the people on your list in mind, we've created a Holiday gift guide that is pretty much foolproof. Read on!

For that artsy friend:

 Let your friend know how much you care about them (and their artistic side) by gifting them stained glass, or a nicer flat pouch for all of their supplies. It wouldn’t hurt to put an even more personal touch on it with a ceramic pipe or cookbook specifically for artists.

-Cooking For Artists by Mina Stone

- Stained glass by Debbie Bean

- Ceramic pipe by Miwak Junior

- Medium size flat pouch by Baggu

For your hard-to-impress hosting in-laws:

 Let's be real- shopping for your in-laws can be the most challenging gift-giving quest of all. These are the best crowd pleasers in our shop and look beautiful in any home, regardless of their style.

-  Balaboosta cookbook by Einat Admony

- Folk cutting board

- Wind & Willow wooden spoons

- ILA olive oil

 For that person you are completely stumped on for gifts:

You can’t go wrong with coffee. Impress your recipient with this little coffee kit, and what better thing to pair with coffee then chocolate?

- Wolf Ceramics Pour Over

- Canyon Coffee

- Mimi Ceramics mug

- Compartes Chocolate

For the workaholic friend who needs some zen time: 

Let’s face it, your friend runs around endlessly and you feel like you almost need to take a break just watching her go sometimes. Gift her a sweet and thoughtful care package that subtly hints for her to chill out.

-Zen book

- Moonjuice dream dust

- Denim tassel slipper by Proud Mary

- Rose bath soak by AyDry

For the favorite sister:

The mini mox bag is a classic piece that your sister (mom, friend etc.) will keep forever. Hint: for an even more impressive gift, stuff the mini mox with extra goodies such as the silver dollar ring by sophie monet, lip salve by fat and the moon, and the glorious sandalwood cream by berlin skin.

- Mini Mox by Vere Verto

- Silver dollar ring by Sophie Monet

- Lip salve by Fat and the Moon

- Sandalwood cream by Berlin Skin.



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