WM HOLIDAY: Staff Wish-lists

Posted on December 19, 2016 by INFO WM GOODS | 0 comments

As we're nearing Christmastime, there are a few things we're each particularly loving and have added to our wish lists. 


Canyon Coffee: I am deeply obsessed with this coffee. It's the smoothest and easiest blend I've tried and perfect for an every morning pick me up.

Henne organic Lip Balm : I'm so addicted to this lip balm and I have super sensitive, picky lips, so hopefully that gives my endorsement some extra credibility.

ILA olive oil: This line is just the most beautiful to look at- even if you don't cook or are a wannabe chef like me, it's still a great item to have out on the kitchen counter to make you look all fancy and like you know what you're doing.

Mina Stone Cook Book: I had been waiting to get this book into the shop for a while- I love her honest and laid back approach to cooking and eating. It makes me wish I was 'summering in the Mediterranean' but alas, I will have to settle for a nice summer in Portland.


Moon Juice Cookbook: I am intrigued and fascinated by Amanda Chantal Bacon and have already added the Beauty Dust to my morning routine.  My hope is for 2017 to be a healthy and happy year and this would be a great way to get that going!

Attalie Dexter Wall Hanging: We recently moved into a new place and my mind is on decorating.  I love the beauty and subtlety of Attalie's pieces. They have a calming effect which is what a home should have.

M.i.h Lova Sweater: I can't get enough of voluminous, over-the-top sleeves right now and this sweater is no exception.  M.i.h always looks relaxed and sophisticated at the same time and that is so my jam.


Province Apothecary Brow Serum:  I have baby brows so I am using this religiously and I think its actually working!  Crossing my fingers to be able to pull off a natural Frida Kahlo for Halloween next year, haha.

Mara Hoffman Sweater: I like to hibernate in the winter so anything that allows me to be super cozy and still visually appealing is essential.

Pony Pony Cards: Pizza Christmas card, duh.  Each one is hand-watercolored.  Each pizza features one of a kind pepperonis, and is basically a paper smile.

In the Company of Women: "All mistakes teach us something, so there are in reality, no mistakes.  Just things to learn." 

- Nikki Giovanni (Quote from this book.) 
For me, creativity is the ultimate currency, but getting paid for making art is a craft in itself.  This book follows a wide range of successful women who are earning their living making art, giving readers a glimpse into their studios, works in progress and all kinds of little details that will inspire any creative entrepreneur.


Twill Jean by Nico Nico: High denim content, really accentuates the bottom curve, and just SO comfortable. The perfect off-white color can be matched with almost anything. And also, love the flare.

Mune Dress by Priory: To me, this dress allows you to be as comfortable as you can, as well as look sharp at the same time. Not only during the summer would I wear this, but this dress also gives me so many different options to layer in the winter!

Shoe Shine Black Boots by Ganni: These shoes really know how to make your ankles look thin, and your feet look long. The very highlight of these shoes is in the curve that follows along the back of your heel, and that just adds another complexity to it. 


Polished Steel & Black Leather Watch by The Horse: This piece is classic and timeless to me. It would easily be a wardrobe staple! 

Birchrose + Co Body Wash: I'm a sucker for every apothecary line here at WM Goods, and need to add Birchrose to my ever growing collection! 

New School Clog in Black by No.6: I'm not a Portland native, but I feel like since I've lived here for 3 years I can now claim to be a local, but only if I have these clogs on my feet. 



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