Fall Lookbook

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On a beautiful day in late August, the WM team headed up to the Columbia River Gorge to shoot our Fall lookbook. We explored the incredible setting to create cozy little vignettes featuring a few of our favorite new pieces in the shop from designers like Kamperett, Mara Hoffman, The Great, Where Mountains Meet, and more. Here are a few of our favorite shots but trust us, we have plenty more to share!

Shot by Nicholas Wilson

Modeled by the lovely Anabella Anger

Styled by Caroline Miller + WG



WM FRIENDS: Kaylee Young of Flourish By Kay

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Kaylee Young of Flourish By Kay and I met through the Instagram, as all great modern friendships begin. We then met IRL over coffee and I was so impressed with her style and vision for her floral design business. As I'm sure you can tell, she is immensely talented and has a really unique vision (um, did you see the wildflower installation she did for our event with Alison Wu?). When she came up with the idea to host a centerpiece making tutorial class, I was thrilled. When we decided to bring tacos, margaritas, and Parachute Home into the mix, I was BEYOND excited. Don't forget to purchase your ticket to the class & dinner HERE.
In the meantime, I chatted with Kaylee about the life of a floral artist. Read on...
What do you love most about being a floral artist?
I love the seasonality of being a florist. I get excited for each season as new flowers come into bloom, and others fade out. It’s a great way to remember to be present.

How does your community inspire your work?
I've found parts of the floral community to be really supportive. Some of my closest friendships have come from working with other florists and designers, and working with other creatives really pushes me to try things I might not try on my own. I think collaboration is so important for progression in your art and your career. 

Flourish by Kay is a beautiful example of an entrepreneurial spirit. What advice would you give other young creatives looking to branch off on their own?
Starting my own business was one of the hardest and best things I’ve ever done in my life. My advice to all young creatives is to just do it! Get resourceful, always be making things, and take advantage of every opportunity. Believe in yourself, because you  really can do anything with enough determination.

What are the biggest challenges as well as biggest perks of being in the floral world?
Hmm…Biggest perks are opportunities to travel to beautiful places to arrange flowers for weddings, and being able to meet new people! The biggest challenge is when you end up not being able to get the flowers you need. Often times, farms will have weather that will destroy roses, shipping mistakes will be made, or things will come in a different color than you expected. You have to be resourceful. There was one wedding I did that was supposed to be decorated with vines all over the venue, and my giant box of vines never got shipped! To make do, the morning of the wedding I drove to a grove of trees and cut as many branches as I could to decorate the venue. It ended up looking beautiful, but that was definitely a stressful day! 

Favorite public green space in Portland?
The Rose Gardens! I know that they are well known, but I absolutely love going there. When everything is in bloom, it’s breathtaking.

As a floral artist you have a chance to literally stop and smell the roses. What smell do you love? 
My favorite fragrant flowers are lilacs, I also love any perfume or candle that has a citrus scent to it, fresh cut grass, campfires...

What is your favorite flower of the moment?
I’m really into brightly colored Zinnias and tall grasses right now. I’m lucky because every event I do I get to choose some favorites of the moment to incorporate.

As it’s our End of Summer Soiree - What was your favorite thing about Summer 2017? What are you most looking forward to about Autumn?
My favorite thing about Summer 2017 is that I slowed down to enjoy it. Usually I'm busy working on events all summer, but this summer I decided to take a break for myself and go hiking, swimming, shopping, and to the farmer's market on the weekends. It's been so refreshing, and really gave me the recharge that I've needed. The thing that I'm looking forward to most about autumn is Halloween! My favorite holiday. I also can't wait to wear chunky sweaters and chelsea boots again! 
All photos by Maria Lamb

Weekend Wedding Warriors

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Wedding Season Gifting 101
Often enough we find that time can escape us, especially during wedding season. Avoid a panic purchase and checkout our WM Goods Gift Guide for all of your last minute wedding needs.

The Bachelorette Gifts
A Bachelorette party is not just a celebration for your last single days, but also a celebration of sisterhood and friendship. Cement your bond with this beautiful aquamarine cuff from Mary MacGill, the little something blue she needs. A  perfect way to say sisters before misters.

What’s nice without a little naughty? Give the Bride-to-Be a jar of Moon Juice’s Sex Dust to shake off post-wedding anxiety and ignite what will sure to be a fiery honeymoon.

Wedding Gifts
As everyone knows the kitchen is the heart of the home - it’s a place to share stories, entertain guests and make lasting memories. The brand ILA has taken cornerstone ingredients such as Olive Oil, Maple Syrup, Cyprus Flake Salt, and Honey, and given them new meaning. The lucky couple will certainly enjoy these simple ingredients that deliver complex flavors.

I’m going to go ahead and argue that one of the best rituals in life is sharing good conversation with the one you love over a cup of fresh brewed coffee. Waking up to the smell of Canyon Coffee’s rich chocolate and toasted almond Chochajua Roast will help start off any day right. Brew in Wolf Ceramics’ Pour Over and Carafe will not only make mornings a bit warmer, but the countertop too.

One of the first hurdles newly married couple encounters is the blending of one’s home. He loves his floating concrete coffee table, but it doesn’t exactly pair well with your Danish emerald sofa. Avoid a dispute and flip through the pages of Kinfolk Home. Keep your Poketo sticky notes on hand because these stunning, curated homes will be sure to inspire.


Event: Create+Connect with Chelsea Parrett

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One of the most rewarding things about the shop is the incredible people that walk through our doors & the amazing community we've developed. With that in mind, we are excited to announce the launch of Create+Connect, a new conversation series taking place in the shop where we invite one of our talented friends to lead a conversation about working in creative fields and the challenges/perks that come with it.

I'm beyond excited that Chelsea Parrett will be leading our first conversation on Tuesday, August 22nd from 5:30-7:30pm!

Launching off of her background as the Snow Peak Marketing Manager and her years in experiential advertising agencies, Chelsea jumped into a freelance career based on one rule: saying yes. 
Not afraid to try something new, she found herself building a variety of skill sets while working on projects ranging from photography, styling, content creation, creative direction, brand strategy and interior design. 
Breaking the rules when it came to roles and perceived industry limitations allowed Chelsea to cultivate her own creativity and professional network, developing a dynamic style of storytelling. 
With a spirit of personal growth and evolution in mind, Chelsea most recently finds herself focusing on the question of what responsible media looks like. Addressing gender stereotypes, body + age diversity, and what it means to be intersectional in the spaces she works within, are the themes rising to the top of her newest work.

Chelsea will be speaking about her experience in the freelance world including a range of topics like taking risks, dealing with anxiety, self-care, and how she stays positive and optimistic.

We hope you will join us for this awesome evening! Wine, beer & snacks will be served at 5:30pm and the conversation will start at 6pm. 

Please RSVP (for free!) to to reserve your spot.

xWhitney & Team WM GOODS


WM FRIENDS: Monica Watson of Berlin Skin

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Monica Watson exemplifies kindness, thoughtfulness, creativity, and passion. We originally met when she came into the shop as a customer and after a few visits, became friends. Soon after she launched her incredible line of natural skincare, Berlin Skin, and wowed me with her ability to turn that passion & creativity into an incredible business. She continuously inspires me to stay focused and to have a clear vision. I chatted with Monica, who recently relocated from Portland to enjoy sunny San Diego, about how she came up with the concept for her line, her tips on creating a clean & clear aesthetic, and so much more. Read on...

How did you come up with the idea for your natural skincare line, Berlin Skin?
My family is originally from Berlin, Germany. My Grandmother has always encouraged me to keep things simple when it comes to skincare; that less can be more. In my early to mid 20's, I began to relentlessly struggle with my skin and was in a frustrated place trying to find a solution for my breakouts. It was when I turned to a more holistic approach that I really started to see my skin heal. I began formulating my own little concoctions with oils and plant-based ingredients and found that these natural solutions could pack a lot of power. Our formulas very much reflect my Grandmother's philosophy, and our entire line is based on a minimalist approach to caring for the skin.

Walk us through the big bullet points in your life that led you to where you are now, as an independent business owner.
From as far back as I can remember, I've always been making and selling things. My first business as a 2nd grader was selling my home grown-pumpkins on the street. I worked hard on my stand, signage, and pricing-and sold out within a few days. It was incredibly rewarding. My parents are also entrepreneurs, and I started working in the family business when I was in middle school. It was humbling work, but it truly gave me the taste of how satisfying hard work and the drive to accomplish something can be. Nothing was ever handed to me, so I think the combination of being creative and driven to accomplish my goals have made the perfect combination for owning my own business. 

What are your immediate & long term goals for the line?
Well, we are coming up on our 1 year anniversary, and I'm honestly blown away as I reflect on the past year. We've already surpassed most of our goals, and I'm extremely grateful for that. As far as immediate goals, we really want to continue to get the word out to more people about our brand. As an independent line, it's easy to get lost in the oversaturated beauty industry. We want to continue to educate people about the importance of natural ingredients and provide them with a simple routine for their skin. One of our long term goals is to give back even more, on a national and global level. We currently give part of our profits to an organization called Remember Nhu, which focuses on preventing and providing for children who are at-risk for entering the sex trade. We'd like to do even more with them and other organizations who are making a change in the world. It's always been one of my main goals to use this business for something greater than the bottom line, and I want to continue to do this on an even greater scale. 

What’s the best part of your job?
Being able to be creative on a daily basis! With the formulas, the packaging, the marketing, and the other vendors that I get to work with who help bring the vision to life. It's so much fun. 

You recently relocated to San Diego! What are you going to miss the most about Portland? What are your favorite spots so far in San Diego?
I know, it was a huge, crazy move! I will miss Portland so much: the people, the food, the beauty. Oregon has been home for almost my entire life, and it holds such a special place in my heart. However, San Diego is also pretty unreal. It's 75 degrees everyday, I've been surfing a ton, and there's just something about living by the water that calms my soul. We are loving it. Plus, besides the climate, there are actually a lot of similarities to Portland, which is comforting. There's an awesome food and beer scene and the people are super laid back and friendly. 

Berlin Skin is “skin care for the modern minimalist,” which you make clear not only in your clean list of ingredients but also in your visual aesthetic. Did it take you a while to land on your branding? What was that process like?
This process was a blast. I have a background in marketing and advertising, so I knew exactly who I wanted to work with for the branding and packaging. My friend Dillon Lawrence really understands modern and clean design, and he truly captured the vision for the brand. We went through a lot of different options, but at the end of the day landed on exactly what we'd set out to create: a line that feels modern, luxurious, clean, and simple. 

What has been the most exciting part of this new professional journey? Any “I can’t believe that just happened!” moments so far?
When something starts out as simply a passion, but then turns into a legitimate business-every little victory feels big. The feeling of discovering that people are super fans and are benefiting from your creations-it's incredible. Every time I get an email from a customer explaining that the products have dramatically helped their skin-those are the big moments for me that I don't think I'll ever get used to. Overall, I'm just incredibly grateful for all the beautiful people I've met through this business that I may have never crossed paths with. 

What does your process look like when developing a new product? Do you start with a certain issue that you want to address or a key ingredient that you’re intrigued by?
Since we only have 4 products and we don't have plans to make our line much bigger than that, I've really tried to focus on formulas that don't get too specific. I look for plant-based, gentle ingredients that basically any skin type can benefit from. However, since each step in a skin care routine is different, the individual products each have their own hero ingredients. For example, our eye butter contains carrot seed oil for minimizing dark spots (which the eye area is prone to) and cocoa butter and coconut oil for deep hydration (to prevent and soften fine lines). Overall, I am fascinated with the power of essential oils, so each one of our products contain at least a few. 

If you had to summarize the Berlin Skin customer in one sentence, what would it be?
Someone who believes in using quality, sustainable skin care products and supporting a brand which cares about using business for good. 

Thanks Monica- we can't wait to watch Berlin Skin continue to evolve!
Shop the line HERE



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If you're not already following Alison Wu's Instagram and insanely beautiful blog, WuHaus, you are doing yourself a disservice. Her culinary concoctions are arguably some of the most drool-worthy we've seen, and as an added bonus, she's a super clean eater that focuses on health & wellness. We are beyond thrilled to have her hosting our Summer Cocktail Party to benefit Ronald McDonald House on Thursday, 6/29 from 6-9pm (tickets available HERE) and can't wait to see what incredible spread she comes up with!

What better time to ask her some of the questions we've had on our mind!


What initially got you interested in cooking and utilizing food for health? 

I decided to stop eating meat when I was 15. This definitely shaped my wellness journey from a young age. I became very interested in health and reading about diet & nutrition. This lead to experimenting in the kitchen and ultimately my love for cooking. Over the next 13 years that I was a vegetarian, I began to discover the way certain foods, like gluten and dairy, affected my digestions and overall health.

After a while, I started to realize that I'd grown scared or disgusted by meat, but only because my mind was telling me this story over and over again. I decided that I wanted to start incorporating meat back into my diet. I didn't want to close myself off from a food unless it made me feel bad. Once I started eating meat again, I instantly felt better. I had more energy, I wasn't cold all the time; just an overall feeling of balance in my systems. I don't eat meat everyday, but I do eat it 3-4 times a week. The journey to find optimal health through what we eat is a long and sometimes tiresome one, but if you put in the work and do the research, it does pay off.

Where did the idea for your famous ombré smoothies come from? 

Honestly, it just came to me one day. Color and aesthetics are the motivating factor behind much of my work.

What's your current favorite smoothie flavor combo?

Coconut-cauli-cashew with cardamom, vanilla bean, and ginger.

What's your go-to recipe for a casual night in?

Roasted chicken and veggies with a green herb salad.

What are your tips and tricks for staying sane with all of the craziness going on not only in your life as a busy entrepreneur but also with everything going on in the world?

Lots of yoga, meditation, and self-care practices. Taking time to recharge and replenish with a bath, a quiet evening reading, 30-minutes of pranayama, a face mask, or whatever my body, mind, and spirit are asking for.

Where would you like to see yourself in five years, both professionally and personally?

I'll hopefully be a mama at that point, which makes me SO excited. Professionally, I'd like to still be working creatively for myself. I'd love to have a book and potentially a restaurant project in the works.

Eating clean can be a tough thing to strike a healthy balance with- how did you figure out what was right for you?

Our bodies are constantly sending us messages, telling us what they want. We just need to learn how to really LISTEN. Slow down. Be compassionate and patient with yourself. And learn to understand your body's cues.

If you were speaking with someone that wanted to take on a healthier lifestyle, what would you suggest as a kick-off point?

Start a food journal to track what you are eating everyday. Use this as a way to get more in touch with your body, to see what foods are making you feel good and which ones might not be making you feel good.

Walk us through a day in your weekday.

It really changes from day-to-day, but I usually wake up at 6am, drink a matcha potion, then head yoga or Barre3 around 7:30am, followed by a smoothie, emails, shooting photos or working on any other hands-on creative project that's going on, break for lunch, work some more (edit photos, more emails, errands, planning), break to make dinner, eat dinner with my husband, walk my dog, work a little more, wind down with a bath or some sort of body pampering, read for 30 minutes, go to bed by 11pm.

Do you like to listen to music while you work? If so, what's your current playlist?

Mostly Drake ha! No, but really, I love rap music.

What does your perfect Portland Summer Sunday look like?

Yoga or Barre3 in the early morning. Brunch at home with my husband. Bike ride to Overlook Park. Lots of snuggles with my dog and cat. Backyard BBQ dinner under the stars.

What's next on your list of dream destinations?

Oaxaca, Mexico.


Thanks, Alison!


WM FRIENDS: Maddie Greer

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We've met some seriously talented and creative people since we opened up shop. One of our favorite collaborators is blogger, stylist & photographer Maddie Greer, of the beautiful Berouged (if you don't already follow her Instagram, be sure to check it out!). Maddie always styles pieces in our shop in unique and adorable ways. We chatted with her about how she got her start as a blogger, what it's like to work with her husband (he shoots her photos!) and more. Read on!...

We're such big fans of your beautiful blog, Berouged! How did you get your start in the blogging world?

I've always loved everything about fashion and blogging; When I four years old andI asked my mom to go shopping instead of going to Chuck E. Cheese! I was so nervous to jump into the blogging world because it's such a saturated market. I spent my days looking through other blogs, Instagram accounts, and Pinterest pages, wishing I could be doing what these girls were doing. It wasn't until my husband pushed me to jump outside of my comfort zone that I decided to launch Berouged in July 2016. 

At what point did you realize that you could turn your blog into a full-time job?

When I first started my blog I was still doing photography on the side to be able to make money. But I started to get noticed and companies started to reach out to me not for photography, but for my blog! And I think that was one of the most exciting days for me, because I realized that as long as I work hard on this thing that I love, I can make it my full-time job. 

What's the best part about working for yourself? What's the toughest challenge or something you wish you would've known when you started?

I've never been a 9-5 kind of girl. It was always so hard for me to work on someone else's schedule. My mom has run her own business since I was born and it's always been so inspiring. I knew that I wanted to do that as well. The best part is being able to travel when I want to. But the hardest part is you're never really off of work. If you want to work for yourself, be ready to fully commit to it. Be ready to work weekends when everyone else is off. You're going to be working past five and earlier than nine. But when you really love what you do, it doesn't feel like you're working.

Your husband photographs you frequently for your blog. What's it like working together?

I always say that we are the dream team. He knows exactly what kind of photos I want and I'm so comfortable in front of the camera when he's shooting. Because he is my photographer, we get to travel together frequently, which was always a dream for us.

What is the process like for developing your shoot concepts? Do you start with a specific outfit, destination, etc.?

I'm not a big planner, which is something I definitely need to work on! Sometimes we'll think of a location the day before we shoot and I'll go get clothes that I think will look good in that location. But most of the time it starts with the clothes and we scout for locations. It's always fun for me to explore the city I live in and find spots that I never knew were there. I think being a photographer first really helped me have an eye for what looks good in a photo.

We hear you're about to relocate to New York City- congrats! What spurred the move? What will you miss most about Portland?

Ah, thank you! We are so excited. Portland has been incredible and it was definitely the right city for Joe and I after we got married. But now that we are growing our businesses, we need to be in a city that helps us thrive, and that's NYC. My agency's headquarters are located there, Joe's street photography will thrive, all of our family is on the east coast, and New York is our favorite city in the world. So many good reasons for this move. We will definitely miss the community we've built here. I think I'm really going to miss the fact that everything is so close. I can drive an hour and be at Mt. Hood. I can drive two hours and be at the coast. I know we will be back to visit!

Walk us through a typical weekday in your life.

Coffee first...always! But honestly, my normal weekday involves a lot of emails, pulling clothes, taking photos and then repeat. A lot of people have this glamorous life on social media, but there's a lot that goes into that.

What does your perfect Summer Sunday look like?

Sleep in, make coffee, brunch, go antique shopping, and end the day with Late Shake on Division.

Tell us something about you that would surprise us.

My first dream was pursuing music. I grew up in Nashville, where I was a singer/songwriter (because who isn't!). I would sing backup vocals on albums, have writing sessions, and sing the national anthem at games. I still love singing, but at this point I don't think I would ever pursue it as a career. I love what I'm doing now.

What's your song of the summer?

Come Close by Ry-Lo


Thanks Maddie! 


(all photos by Kiara Rose)