Living in a small house with very little storage space? What are you going to do with your clothes? How can you store them without spoiling them? A coffee table with pull-out stools can be a good space saver in your living room; fold-away chairs can again be a good space saver for your house.

Here are a few tips to help you store those carefully chosen clothes you have managed to collect over time:


Top 5 Tips To Store Clothes

Boxes – Use neatly labeled boxes for different types of clothes. You can separate your clothes based on the occasion or weather and keep them in labeled boxes. This makes it easier for you to access them; you can also stack them neatly and not worry about dust.

If you have a budget constraint, you can opt for transparent plastic boxes with lids. This enables you even to see the content inside. However, if you have a little more budget and are concerned about the visual appeal, invest in cane or clothes baskets with lids.

Hanger – A big cupboard with a hanger rod on top allows you to hang all the clothes neatly from hangers. The floor space below your clothes can be used to store the rest of your clothes, like scarves, pants, jackets, etc., in boxes. You can store other things apart from clothes as well; in neatly stacked boxes.

Hanging your clothes gives you easy access to all your clothes, does not hide away anything for you to “search” when required, and your clothes will be free of creases that result from being folded for too long.

Murphy Beds – These are beds that can be “put away” when not in use. These are beds that can be pulled out from your wall cabinet. The side shelves can be used for storing a variety of things, and the entire unit can be erected against a wall. This saves a lot of floor space and enables you to go in for an extra cupboard for your clothes, too, if needed.

Find the best Murphy bed available near you and invest in it if you are not keen about a bed taking up the majority of your floor space; or if you don’t want your bed to be visible in your small apartment.

Adjustable Shelves – Invest in a cupboard with removable boards. This allows you to adjust the cupboard to suit your needs. You can have small or big racks; you can mix and match rack sizes to make the cupboard look more appealing and fancy.

The best part of such a cupboard is that you can either use storage boxes or get more shelf planks and increase the number of rows if you need more storage space in the future.

Under The Bed – If you already have a big bed taking up most of the floor space, utilize the area underneath. Store your clothes neatly folded into uniform-looking baskets. Ensure they have lids so that your clothes can be kept dust-free.

If you can invest in a fancy looking uniform basket, you can stack them neatly under your bed and let them be visible. This will add some aesthetic appeal to your room as well. Else, you can always use plastic boxes with lids and use your duvet or a rug to cover them up.